Customized Photorealistic Datasets for real-world tasks

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Large-scale synthetic datasets tailored to you team's needs

Bringing art, anatomy and technology together, we create photo-realistic visual data to train your algorithms.

Our data is high-quality, large-scale, with substantial variation. Therefore, it generalizes well to train neural networks to understand semantic objects captured in real-world images and 3D scans.

We can model objects, scenes and the noise of the devices used to capture this information and provide you with any ground truth that you need.

High-quality Human Body Data

Human-Machine Interaction

Hand datasets for AR/VR device to create a natural interaction with the digital world.

The key component of the future Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality experiences.

Human-Machine Understanding

Full-body human datasets customized to your cameras or input devices.

Designed for security cameras, smart stores, and crowd analytics.

Domain Specific Data

Human Body datasets with domain-specific professionals guiding development.

The main focus here is on high-quality visual medical data, built by doctors, artists and engineers.

Synthetic data is the future.

Deep Learning has lead to an enormous leap in computer vision and machine learning. This is only the beginning. The major industry bottleneck is scalable and high-quality data. We are here to break this bottleneck and make the next leap forward in Deep Learning.

We see Photo-Realistic Synthetic Data as the future of machine learning. Anything in the physical world our artist and algorithms can parametrically model can be, in turn, learned by deep learning algorithms. This is the best scalable solution to create world-class machine learning capabilities for real-world use.

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