Types of Training Data Bias You May Not Know About

“AI algorithms are only as good as the data used to train them.” This common cliche is bandied about in almost every conversation involving AI. But, like many cliches, its overuse doesn’t affect its fundamental truth. In today’s world, the vast majority of AI applications are based on the deep learning algorithms and how these … Continued

Research Roundup: Training with Synthetic Data

At Datagen, we’re actively investing in academic collaborations and benchmarking research that can further establish the effectiveness of training computer vision algorithms with simulated or synthetic data. Fortunately, a large body of work already exists, exploring the advantages and challenges of this approach. We’ve collected some of them here, for anyone interested in learning more … Continued

Simulated Data is Synthetic Data 2.0

The promise of synthetic data has been clear since its inception.By creating a fully “synthetic” set of data that mimicked statistical patterns existent in “real” datasets, synthetic data could enable analysis and data science without compromising privacy. It also promised to be highly scalable and manipulable, faster to generate, and able to fill data gaps … Continued