The Datagen Faces Generator allows you to create
face datasets specifically for your training needs

Create a high-variance dataset of faces to solve tasks such as face detection, recognition, head pose estimation, gaze detection, landmarks detection and more

The Platform offers control over:

  • Identity – age, gender, ethnicity
  • Scene – camera location, camera intrinsic, lighting and background
  • Eye gaze direction
  • Facial expression – including mouth and eye openness
  • Accessories – glasses, sun glasses, masks, jewelry, headsets
  • Facial hair
  • Head location and rotation

Visual Modalities

  • RGB (png)
  • Infrared (png)
  • Depth (exr)
  • Normal (exr)
  • Semantic Segmentation (exr)

Textual Modalities

  • 3D Keypoints (JSON)
  • 3D Dense Keypoints (JSON)
  • 2D Keypoints (JSON)
  • 2D Dense Keypoints (JSON)


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