Objects in Context

The Datagen Objects in Context generator allows CV teams to create
datasets of different objects within different environments

The Datagen Objects in Context generator allows you to create datasets of behavior-based sequences, solving tasks such as object detection, and object identification

Each sequence is a 10-second recording generated in 15-30 FPS, presenting a human interacting with specific objects in an environment.

The Platform offers control over:

Human Identity, Scene – camera location, camera intrinsic matrix, lighting, and background, object selection, distractors selection

For each render you receive full ground truth annotations:

Visual Modalities

  • RGB (png)
  • Depth (exr)

Textual Modalities

  • Camera metadata
  • Actor metadata
  • Object metadata
  • Object key points
  • Object bounding cuboids
  • Face keypoints
  • Face dense key points
  • Iris key points
  • Pupil key points
  • Hands key points
  • Body key points
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