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Smarter senior care

Promote greater health, detect falls and wandering, monitor staff, tennants, visitors and site.

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Use your existing cameras to promote better care

Safety | Health | Management

Alerts on falls and wandering
Tennant activity monitoring
Site monitoring & management


Resident wandering

Real time wandering alert by:

  • Time of day
  • Predefined areas

Leverage the facility cameras to monitor for patient activity. Get real-time alerts if a patient moves outside of a designated area at a certain time of the day (e.g. get out of bed at night).

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Fall prevention

Real-time alerts based on fall indicators:

  • A patient moves outside of a designated area at a certain time of the day (e.g. get out of bed at night). 
  • A bed safety rail left open at night
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Fall prevention

Real-time fall detection alerting

  • Real-time alerts are sent if the patient is sleeping partially out of bed or the bed safety rail is left open


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Activity monitoring

Residents and staff

Real time alerts:

  • Request for tenant assistance by pre-agreed gesture
  • Staff behavior activity alert


  • Residents who require high assistance
  • Areas that require additional attention
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Personal dashboard

Real-time alerts

  • Indications of changes in behaviors (Mobility, sleep, etc.)


  • Personal measures of happiness, social physical activity levels.
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Site monitoring and

Residents, staff and visitors

Real-time Security Alerts

  • Unauthorized person entry
  • Smoke/fire detected
  • Doors left open


  • An event summary based on a video log of events recognized each day
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Privacy is our key

Residents are protected, and so is their privacy:

  • Room cameras for consenting residents only
  • Video De-Identification on site
  • Audio is not needed
  • Simple & short text interface for alerts
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant infrastructure
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Get in touch

Learn how you can promote better and safer senior care by:

  • Prevent falls and wandering by real-time alerts
  • Promote better health and higher safety by monitoring resident and staff activities
  • Prevent security breaches by monitoring site.