Home Security

Detect and Identify Humans in External Home Environment

Understand Human Behavior in External Home Environments

The Datagen Platform provides high quality, perfectly annotated data in the form of video and images that are used to train CV ML models for tasks related to understanding human behavior in external home environments

Datagen: Detecting People and Packages for Home Security

The Datagen Platform provides high quality, perfectly 3D annotated visual data in the form of video and images. This visual data has accurate representations of the external home environment, advanced motion and human-object interactions for tasks related to delivery person action analysis, object identification, body keypoint estimation, gaze analysis, hand pose analysis and more. Teams can use the platform to generate faces and full-body simulated data to quickly iterate on their model and improve its performance.

Use case examples

Package Delivery

A person is delivering a package

Person Detection

A person is trying to enter from a back door

Delivery Person Identification

A delivery person is approaching the entrance

Why Datagen for Home Security

The right domain-specific data

Controllable camera devices

Controllable data generation

Frictionless granular control by the computer vision engineer

Automatic annotations

3D ground truth annotations and perfect 2D quality

Zero biases in the data distribution

Ability to define the distributions for every part of the data with no inherent biases

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