Smart Office

Generate Synthetic Data for Human Analysis
in Smart Office

Detect and Identify Humans
in Motion in Conference Rooms

The Datagen Platform provides high quality, perfectly annotated data in the form of video and images that are used to train CV ML models for tasks related to understanding human behavior in conference room environments

The next generation of smart communication and conferencing tools – outfitted with identification, attention analysis and gesture recognition models – is created to help support our new hybrid work environment. These tools will help us function smoothly and communicate more efficiently, in any place and situation.

The data generated includes an accurate representation of the conference room and human interaction with that environment: from specific objects that are usually found in conference rooms like whiteboards, post-it notes, chalkboards, and blackboards, to gaze detection and interaction with these objects, such as writing on a whiteboard, moving a chair, or gesturing while speaking.

Use case examples

Attention Analysis

Identify a person who is looking down/side from the laptop camera, has sleepy closing eyes or turning back and looking away with the body  

Engagement Analysis

Identify a person who is talking forward/side, is talking while touching the face or talking on a mobile phone

Room Interaction

Identify a person who is standing up from a chair or walking to the side.  Identify a person standing by a whiteboard or entering a room

Generate faces and full-body simulated data to quickly iterate on your model and improve its performance

Why Datagen for Smart Office

The right domain-specific data

Controllable camera devices

Controllable data generation

Frictionless granular control by the computer vision engineer

Automatic annotations

3D ground truth annotations and perfect 2D quality

Zero biases in the data distribution

Ability to define the distributions for every part of the data with no inherent biases


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