The Data-as-Code Solution
for Top Computer Vision Teams

We believe that Data-as-Code is the enabler for a mature data-centric AI approach,
allowing for fast and impactful iterations over the training data in order to improve AI model performance.

The Data Solution for the Top Computer Vision Teams

Our Data-as-Code solution is powered by a virtual world visually similar to base-reality that is highly controllable and infinitely scalable, allowing to extract fully annotated visual data in a programmatic way.

Datagen is led by synthetic data experts and computer vision engineers who deeply understand your data challenges and provide you with the technology you need to solve them. We understand that the right data is the key to production-ready algorithms.

This is why we developed the Datagen Platform, a uniquely powerful tool that allows you to generate high-quality and high variance, domain-specific, simulated synthetic data. The platform grants you the ability to simulate dynamic humans and objects in their domain context in order to create relevant and high-quality data. With Datagen, CV engineers have unparalleled flexibility to programmatically control their visual data.



Normal map


Depth map

Why Partner with Datagen

The right domain-specific data

Controllable camera devices

Granular control

Frictionless granular control by the computer vision engineer

Automatic annotations

3D ground truth annotations and perfect 2D quality

Zero biases in the data distribution

Ability to define the distributions for every part of the data with no inherent biases

With Datagen, you get unparalleled flexibility to control visual outcomes across a broad variance of 3D environments.

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