Humans for DMS and OMS

Meet the Euro NCAP requirements, avoid privacy issues
and bring your CV models to production faster than ever.

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The Exact Data You Need For Your Domain

Datagen solutions include cloud based Platform and an API which allow computer vision teams to generate synthetic data of faces, full body humans and humans in motion, in the form of images and videos.

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Granular control, on-demand –
train, iterate, test, deploy

Datagen API

Made by engineers
for engineers

  • Granular control
  • Datapoint level
  • Programmatic, SDK available
  • Large scale data generation
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Your one stop shop
for data management

  • Sharing and data management
  • Data catalog
  • Data generation
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Schedule a demo with our computer vision expert team

In the demo you will learn how you:

  • Generate high-fidelity perfectly-labelled synthetic data in a seamless and scalable way.
  • Get high-variance & life-like simulations of humans
  • Build controllable virtual worlds that robustly represent the real world