Generate your own data.
Take complete control.

Write your own code to test and train your models by generating the exact synthetic data you need.

Get granular control over your data to train and test AI models

Use our Python API to granularly define the exact data variance your models need, iterate fast and outperform existing data.

Design your exact dataset

Datagen’s solutions allow you to generate synthetic data for faces and humans-in-motion in the form of images and videos. Whether it’s in-cabin automotive, security, fitness, digital communication or AR/VR/Metaverse, we’ve got you covered.

Everything you’ve ever expected from your data

Rich, fast-growing parameter space, fully configurable and ready to go:

  • Identity & demographics
  • Environment & lighting
  • Camera setup, extrinsics & intrinsics
  • Motion & interactions
  • Ground truth modalities


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