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Using Synthetic Data to Address Real-World Applications

On-demand webinar Synthetic data is gaining more and more traction and its real-world applications are enormous: from training models end-to-end, to testing models, filing in edge-case gaps and more. In this webinar, you’ll hear top industry experts share their journey with synthetic data using real examples. Hadas from Datagen discusses what it means to be...
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Human-Centric Synthetic Data: Research and Applications

On-demand webinar Watch industry leaders from Microsoft, The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, and Datagen share research and best practices for using human-centric synthetic data. Learn how Microsoft uses synthetic data to make hand tracking possible on HoloLens 2 Discover techniques for creating scalable, realistic modeling capabilities for 3D humans interacting with 3D scenes...
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Implementing Data-Centric Methodology with Synthetic Data

On-demand webinar Gartner predicts that synthetic data will make up 60% of all the data used for the development of AI and analytics projects by 2024. Watch industry experts from Microsoft, Meta and Datagen talk about their recent work with synthetic data: Latest updates on the public SOTA synthetic face data by Microsoft Perspective on...
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