In-cabin automotive

Boost your AI models
for DMS and OMS

Meet the Euro NCAP requirements, avoid privacy issues and bring your CV models to production faster than ever.

Face and hair segmentation
Eye gaze
Full Body Segmentation
Full body
Full body
pose estimation

Humans for in-cabin automotive environments

Datagen enables you to generate accurate representations of the in-cabin environment through video and images for faster and better Driver & Occupant Monitoring System (DMS / OMS) development and testing.

Use the platform and API to generate high-quality and perfectly annotated faces and full-body synthetic data to quickly iterate on your model and improve its performance.

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The exact data you need for your DMS and OMS

We provide a complete solution for generating the needed data to develop your AI system across a range of in-cabin use cases:

Driver monitoring

  • Detect driver behavior (eating, drinking, talking, etc.)
  • Identify driver distractions
  • Head, eye, and body movement data
  • Detect driver fatigue (drowsiness, microscope, sleep) and unresponsiveness
  • Driver authentication
  • Direct of seatbelt use

Occupant monitoring

  • Monitor occupant status, including safety confirmation  and body posture
  • Track occupant movement, including phone usage, eating, and drinking
  • Detect of seatbelt use
  • Occupant authentication
  • Detection of other objects

Child monitoring

  • Detect child
  • Detect car seats  
  • Detect seatbelt use  

Granular user control

Use our API to control:

  • 100k+ Identities
  • Demographics
  • Behaviors including edge cases
  • Objects and placement
  • Noise variables (glasses, masks, hair, etc.
  • Camera intrinsics and extrinsics
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Perfect ground truth

Face and full body 3D key points

Improve your model training

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Less real data required

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Improvement in model accuracy

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to production

Need a different behavior or environment?

We take pride in our ability  to provide diverse datasets for a wide range of applications.
However, if you need a different exercise or environment, we’ve got you covered.
Our in-house mocap studio allows us to generate additional scenes on demand to ensure that your data generation needs are fully met.
Simply contact us with your request and we’ll be in touch.

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