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Get your model into production faster than ever with top-quality, diverse, and privacy-free synthetic data

Eye gaze
Full body
pose estimation
Eye state

Humans in home offices and conference rooms

Online meetings are becoming increasingly important for remote collaboration, but analyzing user behavior in these contexts can be challenging. Generate high-quality and perfectly annotated synthetic data with our API and platform that accurately represents the diverse range of behaviors, interactions, and edge cases that can occur in online meetings.

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Improve your online meeting analysis

We provide a complete solution for generating the needed data to develop your AI system across a range of online meeting use cases:

Engagement Analysis

  • Detect facial expressions
  • Analyze body language
  • Detect drowsiness

Room Interaction  

  • Detect whiteboard Interactions
  • Detect walking around
  • Detect standing up from chair


  • Detect tripping due to obstacles
  • Detect falling due to medical condition

Granular control over every parameter

The SDK allows you to have full control over the data generation process, giving you the ability to tailor the data according to your specific needs including:

Head Pose
Eye Gaze Detection
Eye Color
Hair style and color
Body pose
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Perfect ground truth

Face and full body 3D key points

Improve your model training

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Less real data required

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Improvement in model accuracy

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to production

Need a different behavior or environment?


We take pride in our ability  to provide diverse datasets for a wide range of applications.

However, if you need a different behavior or environment, we’ve got you covered.

Our in-house mocap studio allows us to generate additional scenes on demand to ensure that your data generation needs are fully met.

Simply contact us us with your request and we’ll be in touch.

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