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Using Synthetic Images to Uncover Population Biases in Facial Landmarks Detection

as presented at NeurIPS 2021 Download the benchmark to: See how synthetic datasets can efficiently detect a model’s weak spots Learn how synthetic data helps models to overcome limitations of real test sets in terms of quantity and/or diversity Explore how to determine bias in a large test set 
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Leveraging Synthetic Data for Hands-On-Wheel Detection

As presented at CVPR 2022 Find out how combining real and synthetic data can lead to safer driving in autonomous vehicles. Learn how using synthetic data, along with a very small amount of real examples, can boost performance relative to using the same amount of only-real data See a complete iteration of a data-centric approach...
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Facial Landmark Detection Using Synthetic Data

By Roey Ron / Datagen Research Team In this benchmark report, we show how we use synthetic data, generated with the Datagen Platform, to: Train a model with synthetic data and achieve results that are comparable to training with real data only, while using a test set composed of real images. Combine synthetic data with...
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