Synthetic data built for your needs.

Boost your model with fully annotated, pixel perfect human centric data.

Strengthen your models weak spots

Generate the exact data you need, at scale, with accurate metadata. Our data generalizes well to real-world data and can help you fill in your domain gaps and generate edge cases to cover all your data needs.

100K unique identities

  • Algorithmically generated
  • Privacy compliant
  • Each ID guaranteed unique
  • Demographics
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High variance

  • High variance
  • Multiple environments
  • Various behaviors
  • Camera parameters
  • Lighting settings
  • Accessories
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Edge Cases

  • Falling people
  • Extreme head turns
  • Facial expressions
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  • Highly realistic skin textures and tones
  • True to life hair textures and styles
  • Sharp and detailed eyes
  • Accurate lighting
  • Natural environments
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Perfect ground truth

Face and full body 3D key points

Design your human-centric dataset 

and power your model

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  • 100k+ unique human identities
  • Various head and body poses
  • Weight and height
  • Camera parameters and positions
  • Expressions, gaze direction, hairstyles and accessories
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Humans in context

  • Domains: in-cabin, smart office, home security, smart fitness
  • Humans interacting with objects in different environments
  • Multiple environments per domain
  • Camera parameters and positions
  • Lighting settings
  • Various identities

Customized to your industry

In cabin automotive

Our data empowers the automotive industry to efficiently and effectively develop models for in-cabin scenarios. Cover edge case scenarios and eliminate the need for costly data collection methods.

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With accurate representations of home and building environments, our data has advanced motion and human-object interactions for the development of security systems.

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Online conferencing

Our data enables engineers to understand human behavior in work environments, whether the home or the office. The next generation of smart conferencing is powered by varied and realistic synthetic data.

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Generate accurate representations of people exercising at home and in the gym for robust health and fitness models. Our data covers a large variety of scenarios, including edge cases with broad variance.

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Our photorealistic faces empower the cosmetics industry with over 50k high quality, unique identities for testing and training models for a variety of applications. Our data is privacy compliant and comes with granular control over many parameters.

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Facial applications

Our synthetic data accelerates your time to production for many consumer applications like virtual try-on, IoT, face recognition and more. Our data is flexible and can be customized for your exact data needs.

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We support your vision use case

Facial Recognition
Face and Hair Segmentation
Eye Gaze Estimation
Action Recognition
Full Body Segmentation
Hand gesture recognition
Full Body Pose Estimation
Head pose estimation

How to work with our data?

Synthetic data management

Use our Platform to browse through catalog of all identities, accessories, and other assets, making it easy to find the data you need.

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Data generation
via API

Easily code the exact dataset that you need. Get datapoint level, granular control to the last detail.

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Meet our 100K unique pixel perfect identities

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