Facial analysis applications

Enhance your AI model

Unlock the full potential of your beauty & cosmetic models with diverse and privacy compliant synthetic Data

Eye gaze
Face and
hair segmentation
3D face
expression recognition

Comprehensive facial data for diverse applications

Utilize our platform and API to generate a wide range of realistic and perfectly annotated identities, face, hair and skin types, expressions, poses, and environmental conditions.
Speed up training and testing of your computer vision models for facial applications.

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The exact data you need for your facial analysis application

Generate the required data to build and refine your AI system for various facial applications while respecting privacy regulations and the complexities of manual data collection. Our data is ideal for the following applications and use cases:

Identity verification

  • Detect and match facial features for secure authentication

Generative AI  

  • Develop AI models for personalized avatars, face swapping, style transfer or content generation

Virtual try-on

  • Utilize accurate facial feature segmentation for virtual makeup or accessories

Image enhancement and visualization

  • Enable relighting, color correction, and light normalization to enhance facial image quality and create visually appealing content

Gaze-Based interaction and accessibility

  • Determine gaze direction for attention analysis or accessibility applications

Emotion-Driven user experiences

  • Identify and analyze facial expressions for enhanced user engagement and satisfaction

Granular control over every parameter

The SDK allows you to have full control over the data generation process, giving you the ability to tailor the data according to your specific needs including:

Head Pose
Eye Gaze Detection
Eye Color
Hair style and color
Body pose
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Perfect ground truth

Face and full body 3D key points

Need a different behavior or environment?


We take pride in our ability  to provide diverse datasets for a wide range of applications.

However, if you need a different behavior or environment, we’ve got you covered.

Our in-house mocap studio allows us to generate additional scenes on demand to ensure that your data generation needs are fully met.

Simply contact us us with your request and we’ll be in touch.

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Improve your model training

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Less real data required

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Improvement in model accuracy

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