The Datagen Platform

A self-service synthetic data platform for visual AI applications,
focusing on human and object data

Bringing Data Simulation

to Every AI Engineer

Datagen provides a robust self-service synthetic data platform for visual AI applications, focusing on human-centric data. The Datagen Platform is a powerful tool that allows users to generate high-quality and high variance, domain-specific, simulated synthetic data. The platform grants teams the ability to simulate dynamic humans and objects in their domain context to create relevant and high-quality data.

Platform Capabilities

High domain varianceHigh domain variance

Full control over dataFull control over data

Large-scale data generation

Privacy compliant dataPrivacy compliant data

Perfect ground truthPerfect ground truth


Accurately represent your target domain to encompass the various scenarios and situations possible in AR/VR, robotics, smart cars, smart stores and IoT

Iterate effectively to quickly optimize your dataset and optimize your network performance

From the usual week- or month-long time frame down to a couple of hours

Data contains no privacy-sensitive or personal identifiable information (PII)

Get pixel perfect ground truth, including key points, segmentation and detection modalities, without the errors and biases created through manual annotation processes

Self serve platform with granular controls

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Solving tasks such as facial landmark estimation, head pose estimation and gaze estimation. Define datasets depicting an extremely wide range of human identities, with various head poses, expressions, gaze directions, hair styles and more. You can control every parameter you need in a simple flow and generate human data at scale.

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Humans in Context

Solving tasks such as human detection, pose estimation, action recognition and attention analysis. Define datasets depicting humans in action, moving around, and acting out behaviors in short video sequences. You can control the scene parameters including the lighting, clothing, actor and more.

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Objects in Context

Solving tasks such as object detection and object tracking. Define datasets depicting objects within specific visual contexts. Add your custom objects into the platform and generate the data you need. You can control the objects through physics simulation, and semantic placement. Even have synthetic humans interact with the objects in many different ways.

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Generate faces and full-body simulated data to quickly iterate on your model and improve its performance.

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