Get fully annotated realistic data through code

Simulate dynamic humans to create high-quality data 


Enjoy the benefits of synthetic data, improve your model for any task

Datagen’s solutions include a cloud based Platform and an API which allow computer vision teams to generate synthetic data of faces, full body humans and humans in motion, in the form of images and videos. Generate your datasets by easy-to-use UI or by coding – utilizing the Datagen SDK. The generated data covers a wide range of computer vision tasks such as:
Face landmark detection, face & hair segmentation, facial recognition & identification, full body pose estimation, full body segmentation, behavior detection.

Granular control or friendly UI


Easily code the exact dataset you need. Get datapoint level, granular control to the last detail.


Easily design and control your synthetic data preferences with an easy-to-use UI.

Powering your model with a synthetic data pipeline

High domain variance

Represents visual variances of the target domain to enable robust models

– Multiple environments

– Unique identities

– Various behaviors

– Camera parameters

– Lighting settings


Images and videos in high resolution with unprecedented quality, down to the last detail

– Highly realistic skin textures and tones

– True to life hair textures and styles

– Sharp and detailed eyes

– Accurate lighting

– Naturalistic environments


Edge cases

Generate and utilize edge case datasets to take your CV model to the next level

– Falling people

– Extreme head turns

– Facial expressions


Perfect ground truth

Get pixel-perfect ground truth such as depth and 3D key points without the manual labeling errors

– Dense keypoints

– Infrared

– Semantic segmentation

– Depth map

– Normal map

Design your human-centric application


  • 50K+ human identities
  • Various head and body poses, expressions, gaze direction, hair styles, accessories and more
  • Camera parameters and positions

Full Body

  • All faces features + Full body humans
  • Weight and height
  • Various body poses

Humans in Motion

  • Domain specific – in-cabin, smart office, home security, smart fitness
  • Various identities and behaviors
  • Multiple environments
  • Camera parameters and positions
  • Lighting settings
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