Face and hair segmentation

Boost your model with fully annotated, pixel perfect human centric data.

Fast and Hyperrealistic
50k+ Identities with Broad Diversity
Intra-Class Variance per ID
Segmentation map
Full Privacy Compliance
Rich meta data

Solve your data challenges

Segmenting faces is often complicated by backgrounds, light, camera angles and occlusions like glasses or masks. Hair segmentation requires accurate edge detection and the ability to handle complex hair textures and structures.

Our synthetic data solution addresses these challenges by providing the exact data your need for your face and hair segmentation task.

Browse and select

Our platform includes a catalog of all identities and assets. Browse through the options to select the exact data you need and import it into our API.

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Manage and share

Manage and share synthetic data within your team or company with ease. With the platform’s intuitive interface, you can quickly query to find data points of specific characteristics whether it was generated by you or others on your team.

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Generate quickly and easily (try to add a second line so we can see)

The platform allows you to quickly generate data before diving into our API and SDK. Choose the humans and/or behaviors that you want to generate and get your data with the click of a button.
To generate data on a large scale with granular control over every parameter, the API is the solution for you.

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Code template

Use our API & SDK to code in Python for over 50K+ identities including age, gender, ethnicity and more. The code is hosted on our documentation website, along with the complete hairstyle catalog and detailed instructions on how to use it.

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Use our API to generate data for your CV task

Full Body Segmentation
Full Body Pose Estimation
Full Body Pose Estimation
Full Body Pose Estimation