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SynFace: Face Recognition with Synthetic Data

Face Recognition: Intro The face (facial) recognition objective is to determine or verify a person’s identity through their face. Face recognition is one of the most widely used computer vision applications with significant commercial potential. Today, we rely heavily on facial recognition technology for many tasks including:  In the past decade, deep learning techniques have...
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Datagen at CVPR

Our team recently returned from CVPR 2022 and it was an incredible experience.  We were blown away by the people, the technology, the papers and even made time to visit New Orleans, eat a few beignets and listen to some jazz.  The People It takes a village to run a booth and experience everything that...
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Leveraging Synthetic Data for Hands-on-Wheel Detection

This is part 1 of a series of blogs on our recent presentation at CVPR 2022 on leveraging synthetic data for hands-on-wheel detection.  Currently, most vehicles on the road are driven by humans. People are prone to distractions while driving, which is the cause of 15% of the injury-causing accidents in the US.  In the...
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Solving Autonomous Driving at Scale

For the fourth episode of his podcast, Unboxing AI, Datagen CTO and co-founder, Gil Elbaz sat down with Vijay Badrinarayanan to talk about Wayve’s end-to-end machine learning approach to self-driving and more. Vijay Badrinarayanan is VP of AI at Wayve, a company pioneering AI technology to enable autonomous vehicles to drive in complex urban environments....
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6 Papers to Watch at CVPR 2022

CVPR 2022 is happening soon. The previous CVPR saw groundbreaking discoveries that pushed the boundaries of computer vision. This year is no exception. With topics running the gamut from deep learning architecture to image synthesis, CVPR 2022 will be a culmination of cutting-edge ideas in all areas of computer vision.  Here, we present six papers...
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Datagen Named as a Gartner Cool Vendor

According to Gartner, we’re cool. Gartner® recently named Datagen as a cool vendor in their AI for Computer Vision report.  Our product allows organizations to generate high quality and domain specific images, both 2D and 3D for computer vision cases. Our platform is unique and provides granular customization for our customers. Customers have control over...
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Facial Landmarks and Face Reconstruction: An Intro

Face (facial) landmarks are essential attributes of a human face that allow us to distinguish between different faces. Facial landmarks are used to identify and represent key parts of a human face, such as nose, eyebrow, mouth, or eye corners. A face image’s landmarks are usually the 2D coordinates of their positions in the image...
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How Synthetic Data Enables Data-Centric Approaches

The speed, scale, and control of synthetic data The practice of model-centric approaches to deep learning is deep-rooted within the AI community. Undeniably, the model-centric approach has led to groundbreaking advancements in the design of AI models.  A paradigm shift is on the horizon. Some practitioners are starting to recognize the weaknesses of model-centric approaches,...
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Synthetic Data and Facial Landmark Detection

Can synthetic data lead to better performance on the computer vision task of facial landmark detection? In our first two blogs here and here, we learned about our experiment with combining synthetic data (created with the Datagen platform) with real-world data in training a facial landmark detection model. In our first blog, we discussed  domain...
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